BCS Full Form – Syllabus, Fee, Duration, Subjects Eligibiliby Full Details

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BCS Full Form

The full form of BCS is Bachelor of Computer Science.






bcs full form
Bachelor Of Computer Science

As we all know there are many full forms of BCS. But  among them this full form Bachelor of Computer Science is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of BCS.

What is BCS?

BCS is an undergraduate program that mainly focuses on the major aspects of Computer Science and its applications in many real life scenarios. The course provides knowledge on programming fundamentals and hardware fundamentals, which are largely similar to B.Tech courses. 

However, this course provides more in-depth bin topics such as software development, web designing, application designing, etc. which are essential in relation to the job market. 

The course is done under Computer Science stream. The duration of the course is 3 years and is divided equally into 6 semesters of study. The course provides key insights into basic programming and operation along with some of the basic electronics and controllers that make up the hardware part of a computer.

The minimum eligibility to pursue this course is 50% in 10+2 examinations with Computer Science as a compulsory subject from a recognized board. 

The curriculum is designed to focus equally on theoretical and practical studies which will enhance the practical skills of the students which are demanded by the curriculum.

The curriculum provides more weight on programming practice sessions where students are taken for regular practical classes.

The BCS course structure is designed in such a way that students are provided with a variety of practical classes and sessions for both core studies and specialization studies through semester wise practical sessions.

The BCS course paves the way for talented individuals to work in leading software designing companies and companies in the IT sector as well as in various client-based software development companies etc. 

The job opportunities for BCS graduates of this course are not limited to the IT sector only but also many private web app designing companies and technical design companies and government aided mobile application/software development companies employ BCS graduates for operations.

BCS Course Fees in India

The fees for the BCS course may vary depending on the university or college in which the student is willing to enroll. 

Often, the course fee varies on the material and lecture timings provided by the university to complete the course.

The average course fee charged by various public and private universities starts from INR 2 L-4 L per annum and is also subject to reduction depending on the scholarships offered by the universities.

BCS Course Salary in India

BCS graduates are entitled to various jobs both in India and abroad.

Due to the increasing popularity of this domain across the globe, graduates are often offered attractive salary packages.

The average salary package for BCS graduates can start from 5L – 10L per annum depending on the experience, job sector and the role they are employed in.

Graduates are generally hired by many private organizations and students who specialize further are hired by the government sector.

What is BCS (BCS Full Form)?

BCS is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or program in computer science applications. The duration of this course is of 3 years.

It is divided into 6 semesters of study.

The primary objective of this program is to enhance the knowledge of the students about the many applications of computer systems. In many applications, candidates are trained in software development and database management.

The syllabus of BCS is very similar to the syllabus of BSc Computer Science.

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The BCS syllabus includes topics like Web Development, Dot Net Programming, Java Programming, System Programming, Operating System etc. which are studied in depth. The course also provides several practice sessions which will enhance the practical knowledge of the students.

Course structure is designed to impart the subjects in a sequential manner of study.

The course provides basic coding and computer application basics along with basic mathematics for the first four semesters and offers advanced database management and networking with special electives for the rest of the semester. 

Computer Science graduates equip students with the substantial knowledge needed in the job market.

Some of the key skills required in the job market are application programming, software development, database management and analytics, etc.

The popularity of the course is much less as compared to the B.Tech Computer Science Engineering course.

Hence this course is offered only by selected universities across India.

Popular Institutes of BCS in India

Some of the institutes that offer Bachelor of Computer Science in India are –

  1.  Nagpur University, Nagpur
  2.  Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  3.  SRM University, Chennai
  4.  Loyola College, Chennai
  5.  Oxford Science College, Bangalore

BCS Syllabus

The syllabus of Bachelor of Computer Science includes the following subjects:

  1.  Fundamentals of C programming
  2.  Database management
  3.  Software Quality Assurance
  4.  Fundamentals of networking

Software development is one of the most sought after areas of computer science and will continue to dominate the job market.

Due to its high demand and its importance, graduates are assured of higher earning potential as the years pass. 

Bachelor of Computer Science comprises of several practical sessions which help the students to gain adequate experience.

Due to their practical experience and complex job roles, they are often offered attractive pay scales.

Why to choose BCS?

It is a preferred course for students who are interested in computer science applications and coding.

The course structure is designed as per the recent trends.

Which will help the students to enhance their learning. Owing to the development of AI and Machine Learning, this course provides ample opportunities to the students to pursue the career of their choice. 

Bachelor of Computer Science is a specialized computer science course.

The course provides in-depth knowledge and skills in software development and data analysis.

This course also provides many practical training which is essential for software development.

Software development and data analytics are some of the most sought-after career options after graduation.

In addition, graduates can also opt for client-based application and webpage development.

The curriculum curriculum is designed in such a way that helps the students to become reflective individuals and build a bright career.

There are a plethora of job opportunities with fancy salary caps for the graduates of this course.

The job opportunity includes one of the technical manager, project manager, senior developer etc.

Students who want to get higher education.

They can opt for a postgraduate degree of Master of Science (Computer Science) or Master of Computer Science.

BCS Course Preparation Tips :

Some essential course preparation tips for a candidate aspiring to pursue B.Sc Computer Science are:

Know about the syllabus:  The syllabus of the syllabus is one of the essential factors that a student must pay attention to as it helps the student to concentrate at the time of examination.

Make a plan: Create a curriculum plan which can help the student to plan the work according to the study which enables them to keep a balance of both.

Connect with fellow students and experts: Start connecting with peers and experts who can help give you a clear idea of ​​the curriculum and share knowledge that will help you excel in this course can.

Keep Updated: Students are required to keep themselves up to date on the latest computer science techniques used by popular names in the field.

BCS Subjects :

Semester I

1 Mathematics-

2 Basic Physics

3 Computer Fundamentals

4 Digital Logic

5 Programming in c

6 Programming in c Laboratory

7 Communication Skills

Semester II

1 Mathematics-2

2 Basic Electronics

3 Data structure

4 Operating system

5 Kitchen Operations-2

6 Computer Organization

7 Advanced C programming

8 Programming Laboratory

9 Communication Skills 2

Semester III

1 Mathematics-3

2 Circuit theory

3 Analysis of Algorithms

4 Operating systems -2

5 Interfacing and Peripherals

6 Object-Oriented Programming in C/ Java

7 Database management-1

8 Programming Lab

Semester IV

1 Mathematics and Statistics

2 Computer Architecture

3 Database Management…

Semester V

1 Advanced Java programming

2 Software Engineering

3 Data networks and communication systems

4 Computer Graphics

6 GUI programming

7 Operations Research

8 Embedded Systems

Semester VI

1 Software Testing

2 Dot net Technologies

3 Web Programming with PHP and MySQL

4 Ethics & Cyber ​​Law

6 Mobile Computing

7 Project

8 Comprehensive Viva

BCS Course Fees :

The course fee for BCS courses may vary depending on the university/college that is offering the course.

The average course fee can range from INR 2L to 4L per annum depending on the facilities and infrastructure offered by the college/university.

BCS Eligibility

  1. The essential eligibility criteria for admission in BCS is that the candidate must have secured at least 50% in 10+2 examination from any recognized board with computer science as a compulsory subject. 
  2. Candidates are expected to appear for any national level or state level entrance exam like IIT-JEE Main, BITSAT, MH CET etc.
  3. They must have a valid score and meet the cut-off provided by the college.
  4.  In some private universities, candidates are required to appear in the university level written examinations.
  5.  The university will release a rank list on the basis of 10+2 marks along with the marks obtained in the entrance test and other national level examinations.
  6.  On the basis of rank list students will be called for counseling session.
  7.  Some universities offer admission directly through law/management quota.
  8.  Which is based on skill and marks obtained in graduation.
  9.  Candidates will be asked to pay some capitation fee for the admission process through management quota.
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BCS Admission :

The BCS admission process varies from one university to another based on their standard and syllabus.

Admissions can be done both online and offline.

Candidates have to register themselves on the official website of the college or provide the filled hard copy of the registration form within the time limit.

Most of the institutes offering the course admit students on the basis of performance in the relevant entrance exam.

Most of the institutes consider the marks and ranks obtained in the national level exams like IIT JEE, AUCET, UPSEE, MHCET, etc and some universities conduct their own entrance test based on which the admission process is started.

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the cumulative score of Common Entrance Test marks, marks obtained in the entrance test and their 10+2 exam percentage.

Based on this a rank list will be published based on which students will be called for counseling session.

Some private colleges have a direct admission method where students are called for counseling sessions based on their application form and graduation scores as well as skills.

BCS Job Opportunities

Software development is one of the major areas, which focuses on developing customized applications as per customer’s request.

It is one of the highest revenue generating domains in the IT sector. 

This is done with utmost care and only the graduates of this course are skilled enough to manage the high compliance role with ease.

The need for skilled data science engineers and developers has opened up a lot of job opportunities.

Job opportunities are abundant for BCS graduates in both the public sector as well as the private sector. 

The job offered will be of the highest level of employability due to their knowledge and practical experience which makes them qualified to handle job roles of high magnitude and multiple domains.

The most common roles worked by graduates are:

  1.  Project Lead
  2.  Software Development Engineer
  3.  Operations Manager
  4.  Software QA Engineer
  5.  Systems administrator
  6.  Data Analyst

BCS Salary

BCS salary may vary based on experience gained in the field and skill set. On an average, graduates are entitled to receive INR 5L – 10 LPA in the initial stages and are subject to increase based on the experience gained.

BCS Colleges In India

1 Nagpur University, Nagpur

2 Maharashtra Institute of Information Technology, Beed

3 Loyola College, Chennai

4 SRM University, Kanchipuram

5 Jadavpur University, Kolkata

6 Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

7 Oxford Science College, Bangalore

The curriculum of Bachelor of Computer Science is divided into six semesters taught over a period of three years.

The BCS course is one of the most sought after courses due to its high popularity in the jobs sector and an everlasting demand due to the major growth in the IT and software development sector. 

However, to increase the scope of their job in the highly competitive field, they need to broaden their learning approach to manage multiple domains under software development and data management.

Some of the subjects that candidates study during their undergraduate course.

They are web development, dot net programming, java programming, system programming, operating system etc.

Semester Wise BCS Syllabus

The BCS curriculum and the subjects adopted provide an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of software development and database management.

Several practical sessions are incorporated in the curriculum to equip the graduates with the necessary practical skills to develop software based on client requirements and provide regular data analytics based on feeds. 

The curriculum is updated regularly based on the technological advancements in the field.

Regular up-gradation will help the students to learn about state-of-the-art technology, thereby increasing the job scope of BCS.

BCS subject list semester wise is given below:

BCS First Year Syllabus

Semester I Semester II

  1. Programming in C Mathematics
  2. Computer Fundamentals Basic Physics
  3. Digital Logic Communication Skills
  4. BCS Second Year Syllabus

Semester III Semester IV

  1. Mathematics-2 Communication Skills and Technical Writing
  2.  Computer Organization Basic Electronics
  3.  Advanced C programming data structure
  4.  Programming Laboratory Operating System
  5.  Communication Skills Kitchen Operation

BCS First Third Syllabus

Semester V Semester VI

  1.  Analysis of Algorithms Software Engineering
  2.  Introduction to JAVA programming Web Designing
  3.  Introduction to Data Communication Research Project

BCS Subjects :

The Bachelor in Computer Science subjects are designed to allow students to learn about computer science and the IT industry in detail.

The syllabus of BCS is very similar to the syllabus of BSc Computer Science.

The BCS syllabus includes topics like Web Development, Dot Net Programming, Java Programming, System Programming, Operating System etc. which are studied in depth. The syllabus has both main and elective subjects.

Core subjects are subjects that are considered essential to the foundation of learning.

Optional subjects are subjects that make the curriculum more varied and flexible.

Listed below is the list of all the main BCS subjects:

  •  Advanced Java programming
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Data networks and communication systems
  •  Computer Graphics
  •  GUI programming
  •  Operations Research
  •  Embedded Systems

Conclusion – BCS Full Form

Through this article, we have tried to give you all types of information related to BCS, what is BCS BCS Full Form. I hope you liked the information given by us and got to know something new from this article.

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