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Full Form Advanced Video Coding
Category Information Technology

What is the Full form of AVC?

What does AVC mean? This page is all about AVC full form or abbreviation in different fields including Information Technology, Indian Railway Station, Business, Associations & Organizations, Computing, and Military and Defence.

We have covered the AVC full form in Information Technology with details and listed down meanings of AVC in various other categories.

The full form of AVC is Advanced Video Coding.

All Full Forms of AVC:

Term Full Form Category
AVC Advanced Video Coding Information Technology
AVC AVC Indian Railway Station
AVC Average Variable Costs Business Terms
AVC Audio Visual Communication Trade Associations
AVC Antivirus Comparatives Software & Applications
AVC Automotive Value Chain Business Terms
AVC Army Veterinary Corps Military and Defence
AVC Automatic Volume Control Automotive
AVC Active Vibration Control Automotive
AVC Audio Visual Center Games & Entertainment
AVC Australian Venue Co Companies & Corporations
AVC Advanced Video Compression Codec
AVC Audio Video Communications Companies & Corporations
AVC Actuator Valve Controller Computer Hardware
AVC Avon Valley Cyclery Sports
AVC Anti Vivisection Coalition Animal Welfare
AVC Audio Visual Club Regional Organizations
AVC Assurance Of Voluntary Compliance Law & Legal
AVC Audio Video Control Specifications & Standards
AVC Alvey Vision Conference Conferences & Events
AVC Additional Voluntary Contributions Policies & Programs
AVC American Viscose Corporation Companies & Corporations
AVC American Veterans Committee Governmental Organizations
AVC Alfaro Vive, Carajo! Chat & Messaging
AVC Armenian Volunteer Corps Governmental Organizations
AVC Access Vector Cache General Computing
AVC Advanced Video Communications Companies & Corporations
AVC Association Viticole Champenoise Regional Organizations
AVC Automatic Vehicle Classification Automotive
AVC Academy Of Veterinary Cardiology Animal Diseases
AVC Atari Video Club Games & Entertainment
AVC Assolna, Velim, Cuncolim IRCTC Station Codes
AVC Atlantic Veterinary College Electronics
AVC American Velodrome Challenge Cycling
AVC Assistant/Associate Vice Chancellor Universities & Institutions
AVC Aberdeen Development Capital Ordinary Shares LSE
AVC Australian Vocational Certificate Academic Degrees
AVC Mecklenburg Brunswick Rgnl Airport Airport Codes
AVC Avionics Change Military and Defence
AVC Angular Vertical Comb Farming & Agriculture
AVC Automatic Vector Control Space Science
AVC Attribute, Value, and Class Database Management
AVC Absentee Voters Certificate Rules & Regulations
AVC Apical Vesicle Cluster Anatomy & Physiology
AVC Artillery Volunteer Corps Military
AVC Audio Visual Coding Computer and Networking
AVC Audiovisual Conferencing Computer and Networking
AVC Account Validation Check Accounts and Finance
AVC Added Voluntary Contribution Accounts and Finance
AVC Antelope Valley College Universities & Institutions
AVC Arbitrarily Varying Channel Communication
AVC Automatic Voting Computer Law & Legal
AVC Alberta Vocational College Universities & Institutions
AVC Audio For Video Coding Specifications & Standards
AVC Average Variable Courseweb Companies & Corporations
AVC Asian Volleyball Confideration Sports & Recreation Organizations
AVC Alberta Vocational Centre Buildings & Landmarks
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