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ATS Full Form –

The full form of ATS is Anti-Terrorism Squad.

ats full form
Anti-Terrorism Squad

ATS is a special police force operating in several states of India including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar and West Bengal.

It is headed by senior officers of IPS (Indian Police Service) in Maharashtra. The squad has put an end to many terrorist attacks in the country. ATS is a special force specialized in countering terrorist activities and attacks.

It works in coordination with the intelligence agencies of the central government like Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

ATS was established in 1990 in Maharashtra, India. It was founded by Aftab Ahmed Khan (Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police). The Special Weapons and Tactics Team)

What is ATS Meaning

ATS is a team of police officers in Mumbai, India. ATS has branches in various states across the country. The functions of ATS are to obtain information about anti-national elements operating in any part of the country, to exchange information with central information agencies like IB, RAW and other states.

What are the main responsibilities of ATS?

Major Responsibilities of ATS? If we talk about it, then ATS does the work of collecting information about anti-national elements.

ATS also does the work of coordinating and exchanging information with intelligence agencies like RAW and IB.

The work of tracking and eliminating the activities and plans of terrorists, mafia and other organized crime syndicates is also done by ATS. ATS also does the work of detecting and busting counterfeit notes and drug rackets.

How to join ATS?

To join ATS, 3 exams have to be passed, which is as follows. Friends, remember that physical ability, mental ability and technical and general knowledge test are done in this.

That’s why you should be prepared for this in advance. It is also important for you to know that the soldiers who pass the initial exams should be given initial training in the training centers of ATS.

What are the major responsibilities of ATS?

ATS works in coordination with intelligence agencies like Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing. ATS collects information about terrorist activities and anti-national incidents.

The ATS monitors the plans of terrorist organizations and tracks their movements silently. The ATS team monitors the activities of the mafia and destroys the rackets in coordination with the Narcotics Control Bureau.

What is the scope of work of ATS?

The Anti-Terrorist Squad is mainly employed to fight anti-national activities in the nation. It protects countrymen from terrorist attacks, defuses bombs, and tracks landmines.

The ATS travels abroad to collect information about disastrous plans and related developments. If there is any terrorist movement, ATS foils the action in collaboration with RAW and IB.

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