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ATM Full Form: In today’s time there is no one who does not know about ATM, but do you know what is the full form of ATM? Today almost every person uses ATM. ATM is the only one that has made banking service so easy, due to which people do not have to wait for hours by visiting the bank.

The most important thing is that nowadays ATM machines are being installed even in rural areas and now slowly ATMs are reaching every corner of the country.

With which you can not only withdraw money but also transfer or deposit money and ATM has brought such a big change in the banking sector, many people do not know  ATM full form.

So friends, in this post I am going to tell you about ATM full form, what is ATM. What are the benefits of ATM, and what is the history of ATM. So read this post completely. Let us first know what is the full form of ATM ?

ATM Full Form ?

The full form of ATM is “Automated Teller Machine”. It is called “automatic calculator which means that it calculates itself accordingly.

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Automated Teller Machine

Some people also call ATM Full Form, Any Time Money which is wrong. Let us tell you that ATM was first started in India in 1987, since then many facilities have been added to ATM.

Other ATM Full Forms

Let us now know about some more full forms of ATM which are given below

Air Traffic Management

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (I.T. Sector) It is a telecommunication concept which is defined by ANSI and ITU.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (This is a non profitable organization based in UK.)

Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (Malaysian Armed Forces)

Altamira Airport This is an airport located in Altamira, Brazil.

What is the full name of ATM? (ATM Full Form)

Let us now know what is the full name of ATM:-

A – Automated

T – Teller

M – Machine 

What is ATM? (ATM Full Form)

ATM is an electronic machine using which the user can take advantage of many banking related functions like withdrawal of money, depositing money in bank account, transfer of money, applying of check book, etc., which are available only for bank.

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ATM Card

Only for the customer. This makes the banking process very easy as these machines are automated and there is no need to interact directly with the bank employees.

Users access their accounts through a special type of plastic card called an ATM card. On top of this card the user’s information is encoded on a magnetic stripe.

Strip contains an identification code that is sent by the modem to the bank’s central computer. Users use the card in the ATM machine to access their accounts and process transactions in their accounts.

ATM Pin Full Form

The full form of ATM Pin is  Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is a numerical code issued with the ATM card. It is required to be entered to complete various financial transactions.

Who Invented ATM ?

ATM was invented by John Shepherd-Barron in 1960. ATM was first used by Barkeley Bank of London in 1967.

What are the parts of an ATM?

There are two types of devices in ATM which make the task easier for the user to use. They are

1. Input Device

2. Output Device

Input Device

In this category come the parts of the ATM through which the ATM machine is ordered. These are the parts

Card Reader :

Card Reader reads the data stored in the magnetic strip on the back of the ATM card and sends it to the server for verification. After that connects to your bank account according to that data.

Key Pad –

Through the keypad, you enter the PIN, how much money you want to withdraw and other facilities like – cancel, clear, enter etc..

Output device 

The Output Device of ATM is such a device through which we get the result. It includes the following parts.

Screen :-

It is used to display account information (name of account holder, available balance, etc.) and actions required to complete your transaction successfully.

Speaker :-

Speakers are available in most of the ATMs. This is provided to provide audio feedback when you make a transaction.

Cash dispenser –

It is one of the most important output device of ATM. It is used to provide cash.

Receipt Printer –

It provides a receipt related to your transaction which includes amount taken, balance amount, date, time, place etc.

What are the benefits of ATM?

There is no such thing as an ATM machine, people have got a lot of benefits and only money is not withdrawn from an ATM machine.

Rather, through ATM, the bank provides many facilities to its customers, which is very important to know. 

ATM service is available 24 hours a day 

ATM which is open for 24 hours means that you can use it whenever you want, due to which people do not need to stand in long lines in banks.

Online payment

All types of online payments can be made with ATM card, whether it is money transfer or insurance filling.

Use of Internet Banking Service

You should know that your Internet Banking service starts from the ATM card itself. Using an ATM card, you can take advantage of internet banking service like apply for check book, do all the things like mobile banking registration. You can avail this facility on your mobile phone or from an ATM machine.

Mobile recharge

You can also recharge your mobile phone using ATM card.

Money transfer

You can send money to any bank account using ATM.

Money deposit

You can also deposit money in your bank account through ATM machine.

ATM pin change

The most important thing is that if you want to change the PIN of 4 digit. Then you can change it very easily with ATM Machine.

And if you have forgotten the ATM PIN, then it can also be reset through ATM.

How does ATM work?

What is ATM and how it is used, it is almost everyone’s public and all this has become common nowadays. But the thing to know is that how does this ATM machine work and what things work behind it.

The ATM machine is connected to the Internet as well as the ATM is connected to the bank server through the Internet. And when the ATM card is inserted into the card reader slot of the ATM machine, the ATM machine starts reading the card.

For which magnetic stripe or chip is attached to our ATM card, in which all the information related to our account remains. ATM contacts its server and according to your input your ATM pin is asked.

And then ATM sends all the information related to that card to the server. After this the server contacts your bank. In the event of everything being correct, the transaction is completed by the ATM. This whole process is completed very quickly.

What did you learn (ATM Full Form)

Through this article, we have tried to give you all types of information related to ATM , what is ATM, ATM pin full form , ATM Full Form. And working of ATM. I hope you liked the information given by us and got to know something new from this article.

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