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Army Full Form –  In today’s article, what is the full form of Army. Will tell about it. Everyone must have heard the name Army. In the family and relatives of many people, people must have also worked in the army.

Army plays a very important role in any country. Despite having so much information from the army, people do not know its full form.

Army full form

Our purpose of writing this article is that you should also know the full form of Army. Along with this, we will tell more interesting things related to the army, which you will not find anywhere.

What is Army Full Form ?

Let us tell you that the word Army is derived from the Latin language Armata. Which means Armed Force. Let me first of all tell you the full form of army.

Army full form

A: Alert

R: Regular

M: Mobility

Y: Young

Army means or means such an army. Who fight for the defense of a country at the grassroots level. The Army is a land-based military service.

What is Army ?

An army is an army that defends its country. That’s why the people of the army are also called soldiers. The English word for army is Army. Now you know that the full name of the Army is Alert Regular Mobility Young. And it means that the army of youth who keeps an eye on every move related to the security of the country.

In view of the defense of the country, the army is also sent from one place to another if needed.Now you have come to know about Army Full Form in Hindi. Let me now tell you some interesting things related to the army.

 Types of Army in India

  •  Indian army
  •  Air force
  •  Indian Navy
  •  Indian Coa

When did the army start

The army in India was formed in Kolkata in 1776 during the government of the East India Company.

Which is the largest army in the world?

The world’s largest voluntary army is the Indian Army. The Indian Army has the largest number of soldiers in the world.

Interesting facts related to Indian Army

In comparison to other government organisations in the Indian Army, there is no system of reservation on the basis of caste or religion.

The Siachen Glacier, located 5000 meters above the sea, is the highest battlefield in the world. Which is occupied by the Indian Army itself.

Considered the best Indian soldiers for the highest and mountain battles.

Bailey Bridge which is the longest bridge in the world. It was made by the Indian Army in 1982.

In December 1971, only two Indian soldiers were killed in the Longewala war between India and Pakistan. The Bollywood movie ‘Border’ has also been made on this war.

The world’s third largest military contingent is in the Indian Army after the USA and China.

In the year 2013, ‘Operation Rahat’ was the world’s largest civilian rescue operation to save the flood victims of Uttarakhand. In which the army played a big role.

The oldest military contingent of the Indian Army is the President’s Border Guard.

Hope you have liked this article  Full Form of Army. Because in this article. Along with this article I have also told about what army is  and Army Meaning  in detail, which will prove to be the best for your knowledge.


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