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APM Full Form

The full form of APM is Application Performance Management.

A – Application


P – Performance


M – Performance

apm full form
Application Performance Management

As we all know there are many full forms of APM. But among them this full form Application Performance Management is the most popular. And people like to read it a lot. In this post, we will also tell you other full forms of APM.

What is APM?

APM is a practice within systems management that aims to manage and track the availability and efficiency of software applications. APM involves translating the IT Matrix into a business sense.

It examines the workflow and affiliates IT tools that are deployed to analyze, identify and report application performance concerns to meet the expectations of businesses and end users.

Application performance refers to how quickly a transaction is completed or details are sent to the end users using a particular application. Applications Performance Management is commonly used for web applications built on Microsoft .NET and JEE platforms.

APM monitors the performance in two steps – 

  • It measures the resources that are used by applications.
  • It measures the end user’s experience which has two components, the time taken for the application to respond from the end user’s perspective, and the number of transactions that pass through the system during the calculation of the response time.
  • These methods will eventually help in creating a display baseline consisting of the three High End Categories. Applications Performance Management is linked with the end user experience management and end user management.
  • Of these, the output is considered the most realistic way of assessing the experiences of real users while using an application. Optimal Productivity can be accomplished more effectively through Event Correlation, Future Predictive Analysis and System Automation.

Functional Dimensions of APM

According to research done by Gartner, APM consists of five unique functional dimensions –

  •  Application data analysis
  •  Deep-dive application monitoring.
  •  User defined transaction framework.
  •  Modeling and discovery of application runtime architecture.

Types of APM Monitoring Tools

There are three types of APM Monitoring Tools such as –

  1.  App Metrics Based
  2.  Code Level Performance
  3.  Network Based

 App Metrics Base

Friends, many devices use different Server and App Metrics and this is called APM. At best they can tell you how many requests your app gets and which URLs can potentially be slow. That’s why they don’t do code level profiling they can’t tell you.

Code Level Performance

Stackify Retrace, New Relic, AppDynamics, and Dynatrace are specific types of APM products that you think of based on Code Profiling and Transaction Tracing.

Network Based

Extrahop uses the term APM in relation to their ability to measure application performance based on network traffic. There is a whole product category called APM which focuses on these types of solutions.

However, some other devices do surveillance based on server and application metrics and not code level performance, sometimes referring to their products as Application Performance Monitoring solutions. Friends, knowing your server CPU or average response of your webserver is important and helpful but the purpose of APM is to go deeper.

Features of APM

For developers APM is really about Data and I mean a lot of Data. But they need more than data. They need actionable insights from that data so that they can quickly get to the root cause of the problem that is causing the problem of the application. 

Other APM Full Forms

What is APM Full Form in Gas ?

The full form of APM in Gas is Administrative Price Mechanism.

What is APM Full Form in Engineering?

The full form of APM in Engineering is Application Performance Management.

What is APM Full Form in Psychology?

The full form of APM in Psychology is Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)

Conclusion – APM Full Form

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