ANM Full Form – What is ANM Course?

ANM Full Form – Everyone wants to choose such a career where he can not only earn money but also serve the society. If you are also thinking of choosing a similar career where not only you can fulfill your desires. But you also get satisfaction by doing human service. Then through this article we will tell you about one such course.

Today we are going to talk about the ANM Full Form, ANM course. which is a 2-year diploma course for girls interested in nursing in the medical field, through which you can not only make a career in the medical field.

But you can also get job opportunities in various sectors. can do. In this article, we will know what is ANM, ANM Full Form qualification required to become ANM.

Along with this you will know the syllabus of ANM, how to apply for ANM, job opportunities after doing ANM and all other important information related to ANM.

ANM Full Form

First of all we need to know that ANM Full Form. So the full form of ANM is Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM full form is Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery) which means Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery.

A – Auxiliary

N – Nursing

M – Midwifery

anm full form
Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery

What is ANM(ANM Full Form)?

Just as in ancient times, when the health facilities were not good, the role of the midwife at that time, the same role is played by the ANM in the health sector today.

Actually the work of ANM is very responsible as he has to talk in medical term with doctor. And in common man’s language with common man. Thus it acts as a bridge between the doctor and the patient.

How to take admission in ANM ?

The most important question must be coming in your mind that how to take admission in ANM. So let’s know its process but before that we know that other eligibility related to it.

What is the process to become ANM ?

You are eligible after class 12 to become an ANM. If you have passed 12th from any of your streams, you are eligible for admission in ANM. Admission is taken either on the basis of merit or on the basis of direct entry. know how 

Admission on the basis of merit –

The Admission is given in different colleges on the basis of marks obtained by the candidate in its entrance examination.

Based on Direct Entry –

Most of the admissions in India are taken on the basis of Direct Entry. For this, the marks obtained in class 12 of the candidates are made the basis. If he is eligible by getting the minimum marks then he can take admission in the college of his choice.

Essential Educational Qualification in ANM

If you are thinking of taking admission in ANM course and you are not from science background. Then there is nothing to worry because in this course you have passed 12 from any background you are eligible to do it.

ANM Key Features

If you are also thinking of doing ANM course, then you need to know these main things.

You need to be strong not only medically but also mentally for this course because you have to work with patients in difficult conditions.

You also need to show empathy with patients, so you need to be emotionally strong too.

Subjects of ANM 1st Year Course

Following is the syllabus of ANM 1st year course 

  1. Community Health Nursing (Health Promotion)
  2. Nutrition
  3. Human body and cleanliness
  4. Environmental cleanliness
  5. Mental health
  7. Infection and immunity
  8. Infectious diseases
  9. Community health problems
  10. Primary health care
  11. First Aid & Referral
  12. Child health nursing

ANM 2nd Year Syllabus

Following is the syllabus of ANM 2nd year.

  1. Midwifery
  2. Health center management
  3. 6 months internship course

The 6 months internship syllabus of ANM is as follows.

  1. Antenatal ward
  2. Intrasal/labor room
  3. Post natal ward
  4. Neo Natal Care
  5. Child health
  6. Community Health and Health Center Management

This was the details of the 2 year course of ANM

Many of you must be wondering what are the career options after doing ANM?

What are the career options after doing ANM

ANM is such a course that after doing it there are many career options. From time to time, government hospitals are recruited by the governments. Rural area

Conclusion ANM Full Form

Through this article, we have tried to give you all types of information related to ANM, what is ANM Course, ANM Full Form. I hope you liked the information given by us and got to know something new from this article.

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