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ADM Full Form – Hello friends, in our old article, we have learnt in detail about the things like who is a DMhow to become a DM, what does one have to do to become a DM, etc. Apart from that we will also know the difference between ADM and SDM. In today’s article, we will know well about who is an ADM, what are its functions. Friends, ADM works under the DM officer, ADM officer is appointed to assist in the day-to-day work of the DM.

In this post, we will know in detail about the full form of ADM, what are the functions of ADM and many more things related to ADM, so read this article till the end.

ADM Full Form

The full form of ADM is Additional District Magistrate.

A – Additional

D –  District

M – Magistrate

adm full form
Additional District Magistrate

Apart from this, ADM is also called Additional Collector. It is the second highest administrative post in any district after DM.

Who is ADM ?

Additional District Magistrate also known as ADM in short. ADM works under the DM officer in the district.

ADM is appointed in the district to help in the functioning of the DM. In the absence of DM, it is the job of ADM to look after the works of the district. Additional District Magistrate (ADM) is given the same powers as DM.

Friends, although there is only one DM in a district, but there can be more than one ADM in a district. The number of ADMs in a district depends on the functioning of that district.

Work Of ADM

Talking about the work of ADM, then let me tell you, Additional District Magistrate is appointed in the district to help the DM. DM can take help of ADM for any work.

How to Become ADM Officer ?

Additional District Magistrate is the highest level post of any district. To become an ADM, you have to go through the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). And secure good ranks in this examination. The Civil Services examination is conducted in three phases, out of which the first phase is the preliminary examination.

The student who gets successful in the preliminary exam gets a chance to appear in the second stage exam i.e. main exam. After clearing the main examination, one has to go through the final stage of the examination i.e. Interview.

After the interview process is over, a merit list is issued by the commission. The students who come top in the merit list get selected for IAS. Two years training is given to the students who are selected for IAS.

After the completion of training, an IAS is given the rank of ADM to work initially. Friends, it is not necessary that IAS officer gets the post of ADM in the beginning.IAS officer can also get posts like SDM, SDO, CDO in the beginning.

Friends, you cannot become an ADM directly, to become an ADM, you must have an IAS officer. IAS officers initially have to serve in posts like ADM, SDM, SDO.

Eligibility to become ADM

To become an ADM, you must have the following qualifications, which are as follows –

  1.  You must be an Indian citizen.
  2.  To become an ADM you have to complete your graduation from any recognized university.
  3.  You must be at least 21 years of age to become an ADM. The same maximum age is different for every category. The maximum age has been fixed at 32 years for general category, 35 years for OBC category and 37 years for ST/SC category.
  4.  If you have all these qualifications then you can give Civil Service Examination (CSE) to become ADM and fulfill your dream of becoming ADM.

ADM’s salary and facilities

The salary of ADM is more than 55,000 as its salary varies from state to state, so it is a bit difficult to tell about its exact salary.

Talking about the facilities available to ADM, whatever facilities are given by the government to the collector of the district, the same facilities are also given to ADM. ADM is given facilities like bungalow, government car, free electricity, free water facility, etc. to stay like DM.

Difference between ADM and SDM

The difference between ADM and SDM is that Sdm is called Sub-divisional magistrate  and Adm is called Additional District Magistrate.

Other ADM Full Forms –

ADM full Form in railway –

The full form of ADM in Railway is Admiral.

ADM full Form in Bank –

The full form of ADM in Bank is Application Data Management.

ADM full Form in Medical –

The full form of ADM in Medical is Admission | Admit | Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus.

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