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First of all, let me tell you that ADC has not one but many full forms, ADC also has different meanings in different fields.

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What is ADC Full Form  ? :-

The full form of ADC is “Analog to Digital Converter”, which we know in our language as ‘Analog to Digital Converter’.

What is ADC Meaning ?

Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) is a device that converts a continuous quantity into a discrete time digital representation. An electronic integrated circuit that converts a signal from analog (continuous) to digital (discrete) is known as Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), a digital signal has only two states, which are There are 0 and 1

Friends, there are different full forms of ADC in different categories, let’s get information about some of them main-

ADC Full Form in Army :-

adc full form, adc full form in army

The ADC meaning in Army is “Aide-De-Camps” in the category of Army.

ADC Full Form in Computer :-

The full form of ADC in the category of computer is “Analog-to-Digital Converter”.

ADC Full Form in Banking :

In the field of banking, the full form of ADC is “Alternate Delivery Channel”.

ADC Full Form in Medical :-

In the medical field, the full form of ADC is “AIDS dementia complex”.

ADC  in TCS :-

The full form of ADC in this field is “Assessment Data Center”.

ADC Full Form in Government  :-

adc full form, adc full form in government

In this field the full form of ADC is “Additional Deputy Commissioner”.

ADC Full Form in Customs :-

The full form of ADC in this field is “Assistant Drug Controller”.

ADC Full Form in Defence :

Air Defense Commander.

Other ADC full forms :

There are many other full forms of ADC which are given below and they are also important to learn :

  • Additional Deputy Commisioner.
  • Apple Developer Connection
  • Active Desktop Calendar
  • Attack Defend Carry
  • Additional Domain Controller
  • Advanced Data Converter
  • Adobe Developer Connection
  • Automatic Data Completion
  • Advanced Disk Catalog
  • Apple Display Connecter
  • Air Defense Command
  • Animal Drawn Cart
  • Area Damage Control
  • Assistant Division Commander
  • Assaulters Don’t Camp
  • Adult Detention Center
  • Analog Detection Circuit
  • Architecture Design Contractor
  • Analog Digital Combiner.
  • Air Defense Commander.
  • Association Of District Council

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