ACP Full Form – How to Become ACP? Salary, Qualifications

ACP full form : Hii guys welcome to In this post we will learn ACP full form, how to become ACP. Along with this we would  know the salary of ACP and what are the qualifications required to become ACP. The full form of the police department is different from the word related to it. And there are many other such full forms. But in this post I will tell you about the ACP full form associated with the police department and how to become an ACP.

In this you will get information that what are the qualifications required to become an acp. What is its requirement and what are the salary details and how can we prepare for it. We can know this complete information through this article.

This is an important post of Police Department which comes under State Government and Central Government.

ACP Full Form : 

ACP full form is Assistant Commissioner of Police.

A – Assistant


C – Commissioner


P – Of Police

ACP Full Form –

ACP – Assistant Commissioner of Police.

It is one of the higher ranks of the Indian Police Service. Both ACP and DCP ranks are almost common in the police department and both have 3 stars. Its post is in the Police Department as well as Income Tax Department, Cell Tax Department and other departments.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police

The work of the ACP in the Police Department is to maintain law and order as well as to prevent violent incidents. Under which the police of all the police stations located in the district are there.

Selection Process To Become ACP

If your dream is to become ACP and you want to become ACP in very less time then you have to prepare for IPS. You can become IPS by giving UPSC exam. When you become IPS then after promotion in few years you will become ACP. Apart from this, you can also become a State PSC (State Public Service Commission) by giving the exam.

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If you are thinking of giving UPSC exam to become ACP. Then it is very important for you to have knowledge about UPSC exam. Friends, let me tell you that UPSC exam is conducted in three phases which are as follows –

Pre Exam

The candidates who want to become ACP have to first go through the preliminary examination. This exam is of total 200 marks. In this exam, two papers of General Studies have to be solved. Candidates are given two hours to solve each question paper.

Mains Exam

Whoever is successful in the first stage i.e. preliminary examination has to appear in the second stage examination i.e. main examination. In the main exam, candidates have to solve 6 question papers. In which 300 marks for Indian language, 300 marks for English language, 200 marks in Essay, 300 marks in General Studies and two digits for optional subject.


The candidate who is successful in the preliminary examination and main examination, that candidate is called for the final stage of the examination (interview).

In the interview, many questions are answered by the commission officials so that the candidate can assess the eligibility of the candidate well. 250 marks are allotted for the interview. The candidates who are successful in the interview are given appointment letters by the commission.

ACP Salary ?

If their salary is seen, then 70,000 to 10,0000 are given every month by the government in the form of salary. Apart from this they are also given some other physical facilities like house car servant and some facilities.

ACP’s Facilities

Along with salary, ACP is provided many facilities like the government. ACP gets a house to live in, staff and peons are also present to do household chores.

Apart from this free electricity, water and telephone facilities are also provided. Apart from this, government travel is also free. Even when going to work in another state, every type of facility is provided by the government.

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How to Become ACP Quickly ?

ACP can be made through two ways first way police department keeps on promotion in their department to become acp officer after some years of service then through promotion.

Secondly you can become by clearing UPSC exam about which I have told you above.

Qualification To Become ACP (ACP Police Qualification)

Just like a certain qualification is required to go to every post, similarly a certain qualification is very important to become an ACP. The followings are the qualification required to become ACP :

  1. For this it is very necessary to be a citizen of India.
  2. Candidate must be mentally and physically fit
  3. For this the educational qualification should be graduation from any recognised university.

Age To Become ACP

According to UPSC exam, the age should be between 21 to 32 years to become this in which cast wise relaxation of few years is given.

Physical Height To Become ACP 

To go to the police department, the body height is very necessary for every post, it requires a minimum body height of 168 cm i.e. 5 feet 6 inches for men and 155 centi meters 5 feet 1 inch for women.

The width of the chest is also required. In which a certain chest width is necessary before inhaling and after breathing, such as 84 cm before inhaling i.e 33 inches and 5 cm ie 2 inches after inflating the chest width is required.

What did you learn (ACP Full Form)

In this article, we have given you detailed information about ACP.  We told you about ACP Full Form, How to become ACP, Qualification, Salary, Features to become ACP. I hope that in this article, you must have got all the information related to ACP. Apart from this, if there is any kind of question related to ACP, then we must tell by commenting. If you like our article then do share it.

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